Bubblie Blondie

Bubblie Blondie received an order from a VERY generous college graduate.  He wanted to get his 12 closest galpal’s each a bottle of bubblie that matched their hair color. The hitch, he wanted them wrapped/in a bag of some kind so all he had to do was hand the bubblie out.

Because we’re just starting up I have yet to order anything other than bubblie …

So I went through my crafting room spread a few things out with a few bottles of bubblie … poured myself a few glasses and began working on this lil project.

After one hit and miss idea I found these extra tiaras … not only fun to look at while on the bottle but once you take them off they comb into your hair !!  I was set, it was just the lil extra these bottles needed to put them over the top !! 

Tah-Dah !!  Done.

(Source: bubblieblondie.com)